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How to Join

Civil Air Patrol is composed of the Cadet Program and the Senior Program.  The Cadet Program is open to youth between the ages of 12 and 18.  Cadets may remain a cadet until they are 21 years old.  The Senior Program is open to adults (18+).


If you are between 12 and 18 years old, more information can be found here.


CAP Cadet Program - At a Glance*

Mission:  Transform youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders

Established:  1942

Age to Join:  12 through 18

Content Areas:   Leadership, Aerospace, Fitness, Character

Total Cadets:   25,000

Locations:  1,000 hometown squadrons

Time Commitment: Ideally, cadets participate in a 2-hour squadron meeting each week, plus one "Saturday" event monthly and one week-long encampment in summer, but of course, school and family obligations take priority**

Costs:  Annual dues of $25 - $60, depending upon location; some assistance is available with uniform costs and overnight activity fees; a fully-active cadet could incur $300 to $600 in costs during the first year, less any financial assistance

Military Obligation:   None, but 8% of USAF Academy cadets are former CAP cadets

Annual Flying Hours:  25,000 hrs in single-engine aircraft; 12,000 glider sorties

* All figures are approximations that will vary year-to-year
** School-based squadrons may have different expectations for participation















How to Join CAP as a Senior Member
(Adults Ages 18 and Up)

* Senior Members include the membership categories of:  Active Member, Fifty Year, Life and Cadet Sponsor.

Senior Member prospects must:

  • be at least 18 years of age or be a member of the Armed Forces on active duty at any age,

  • be a citizen of the United States of America or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence,

  • meet suitability requirements as outlined in CAPR 39-2, para,

To Apply, Senior Member Prospects Must:

  • participate in a trial period by attending three (3) Squadron meetings before requesting membership,

    • You are invited to attend a Squadron Open House or visit a MONDAY Meeting.

    • Complete a total of 3 Squadron Visits (attending an Open House counts as one). This allows Prospective Senior Members the opportunity to get a good feel for what CAP has to offer, what the expectations are for Senior Members, and to have any questions answered.

    • Express your interest in joining and request a Membership Board from the Squadron Commander. A Membership Board allows both the Prospective Senior Member and Squadron Leadership to discuss the details of membership before officially applying for membership.

  • be approved by the Unit Membership Board (IAW CAPR 39-2, para 1.5.).

Senior Member Application Process:



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