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OH 115 Cadet Guide

 Revised 18 January 2022

Section 1-Introduction


This is the cadet guide for the Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker Composite Squadron.  This guide is an overview of the rules and regulations of the squadron and Civil Air Patrol.  This guide is a supplement and does not supersede regulations published by CAP National Headquarters.  Additional information about Civil Air Patrol may be found at

Safety Procedures

“Safety First” Everyone is a safety officer.  Anyone witnessing an illness, injury or unsafe act will stop the activity and report incident to a senior staff member immediately. 

All cadets will be familiar with location of fire extinguishers, life safety and emergency exits at the Whitehall VFW meeting location. 

Calling 911.   Address: Whitehall VFW Post 8794, 4100 E. Main St. Whitehall, Ohio 43213

The emergency meeting location is the back northeast corner of the parking lot.  A roll call will be conducted of all cadets and staff.

All cadets will use the “Buddy System” or have a “Wingman” at all times.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices will not be used without permission.  Cell phones maybe used as a time keeping device, but is not preferred.

Nondiscrimination Policy CAPR 36-1


No cadet will be discriminated on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion (creed), national origin (ancestry), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability (formerly handicap), marital status, military or veteran status.



Section 2 Required Cadet Knowledge

CAP Vision

Civil Air Patrol, America’s Air Force Auxiliary, building the Nation’s finest force of citizen volunteers—performing Missions for America.

CAP Mission

To serve America by developing our Nation’s youth; accomplishing local, state and national emergency and humanitarian missions; and educating our citizens on the impact of aviation and space.



Cadet Oath

“I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly, and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation.”

CAP Motto

Semper Vigilans (Always Vigilant)

CAP Core Values

Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, Respect

CAP Missions

Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, Aerospace Education

CAP Wings

52 Wings (one for each state, DC and PR)

CAP Regions

8 Regions

CAP Founded

December 1st, 1941

Founder of CAP

Mr. Gill Rob Wilson

First National Commander

Maj. Gen. John F. Curry

National Headquarters

Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

Cadet Honor Code

I will not Lie, Cheat, nor Steal, nor tolerate those among us who do.

Cadet Program Founded

October 1st, 1942

Cadet Program Phases

Learning, Leadership, Command, Executive

Cadet Program Milestones

Wright Brothers, Billy Mitchell, Amelia Earhart, Ira C. Eaker, Carl A. Spaatz


Cadet, Composite (Cadet and Senior) and Senior Squadrons

CAP 5 Pillars of Wellness and Resilience

Mind, Body, Relationships, Spirit and Family


Chain of Command

National Commander – Maj Gen Edward Phelka

Great Lakes Region Commander – Col. Rose Hunt

Ohio Wing Commander – Col Peter Bowden

Group 8 Commander – Maj Justin Trager

Squadron Commander – 1st Lt Elizabeth Saunders


Section 3 Uniform and Appearance


Uniforms will be worn clean and in a neat appearance all times with proper insignia and/or patches.  Uniforms will be worn at all times in accordance with CAPR 39-1 CAP Uniform Manual or CAPP 60-20. 

CAPR 39-1 CAP Uniform Manual

CAPP 60-20 Cadet Guide

Uniform Guidance

Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) – cover (cadet officers with rank), shirt, sleeves down with name tapes, badges, squadron patch and rank, pants bloused, khaki t-shirt and belt, black socks and boots.  All buttons will be buttoned.

ABU cover, when not worn, will be placed in right cargo pant pocket.  Black or green fleece hat may be worn in place of cover.

ABU Fleece – will be worn with Velcro name tapes and rank. Fleece will be zippered no lower than the top of the name tape.

Blues Uniform – Flight cap with insignia, short sleeve shirt with name tag, ribbons and rank, blue belt with silver buckle, pants, black socks and shoes with laces tucked in shoes. All buttons buttoned. 

Although ties are authorized for wear with short sleeve shirt, male and female ties will not be worn for uniformity.

Blues Uniform Jacket – will have name tag, badges, ribbons and rank.

*CAP ID, water bottle with water, watch, note pad and pen/pencil is required to be on each person for all meetings and activities. 

**Uniforms may only be worn outside of CAP activities with permission of the squadron commander.

Cadet Awards


Ribbons will be worn in accordance with CAPR 39-1 and CAPR 39-3.  Cadets may use this reference to check ribbons.

Vanguard Insignia

CAP specific uniforms and uniform items may be purchased by cadets.  Check with squadron staff before ordering any items.  Most uniform items are kept in stock in squadron uniform supply.

Squadron End of Year Awards

Cadets are assessed over the course of each year on uniforms, leadership, promotions, attendance, participation, CAP schools, certifications, cadet peer review and senior member survey.  The awards committee reviews all information and presents recommendations to the squadron commander for approval.  Awards are presented at the end of year squadron banquet.

Air Force Association – Cadet at any level performs in superior manner during the year.

Air Force Sergeants Association – Best overall cadet NCO, total membership duration.

VFW Outstanding Cadet NCO – Excellence from a younger cadet NCO.

VFW Outstanding Cadet Officer – Cadet officer lauded for leadership performance.

Daughters of the American Revolution – Outstanding cadet award.

Air Commando Association – Best Air Commando History Essay.






Section 4 Meetings and Activities

Squadron Meeting


Squadron will have meetings every Monday and at least one Saturday activity.  Cadets will receive sign up information and details of activities in their CAP emails and posted on squadron website.  Monday meetings 1900-2100.  Report time 1945.  Missing Meeting: If you are unable to attend a Monday meeting, fill out missing meeting form on squadron website.

Squadron, Group or Wing Activities

Saturday activities may be hosted by other squadrons or the Wing.  Cadets will receive sign up information and other details of the activity in their CAP emails.  Pre-approval is required.  **Cadets will notify staff of intent to attend training hosted outside the squadron. **

Basic Encampment


Cadets should attend “Basic Encampment” in the first year of membership but is not required.  Competition of basic encampment is a requirement to attend NCSAs and promotion to C/2nd Lt, Mitchell Achievement.  Cadets may attend any basic encampment hosted by any Wing.

Ohio Wing Encampment -

Additional Wing Encampments -

National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA)

After completion of ‘Basic Encampment”, cadets may attend NCSAs.  Flight, Emergency Service, Honor Guard academies and many more.  To see full list and dates of activities,

Activity Forms

CAPF 60-80 permission slip, CAPF 160 health history and CAPF 161 emergency information.



Section 5 Website and Email


Squadron meetings, activity sign up and cadet information may be found on the squadron website. 

Squadron Website -

Ohio Wing Email


All cadets will have an Ohio Wing email assigned.  Ohio Wing email is the primary form of communication in the squadron. Cadets will check email weekly for information about meetings and Wing activities.

Set up of Ohio Wing email.

1.  Go to (Setup can also be started at   When entering your email address, you must include

2.  Username will be your name as it appears on eServices with a period in between the first and last name. Example: Name – John Smith, Username – john.smith

3. Your initial password is your CAP ID number followed by your initials in lowercase. Example: CAP ID – 123456, Password – 123456js

Any issues related to an Ohio Wing email account should be sent to


Register for E-Services Account


Log into 

Click on “First Time User”

Enter First Time User Information.  

Email should be Ohio CAP email if possible.

A username and password will automatically be sent to the email address entered.

Section 6 Testing and Promotions

Cadets can promote every 56 days.  Do not wait till day 58 to start reading, highlighting and taking tests.  It is the responsibility of all cadets to keep track of their own promotions.  It is not the responsibility of the cadet or senior staff.  Cadets should use the CAP Personal Cadet Tracker to keep track of testing requirements for each achievement.



Leadership and Aerospace Testing

Cadets will take achievement tests online in eservices.  Leadership tests must be taken in order.  Aerospace tests, modules 1-6 may be taken in any order.

Log into Eservices -

Left side, click on Menu – Online Learning – Learning Management System

Scroll to Cadet Programs, click on Cadet Online Testing

Modules – click on Leadership Test or Aero Dimensions Test

Drill, Physical Fitness and Milestone Tests


Milestone tests (Wright Brothers and Mitchell Achievements) will be requested on squadron website and proctored at the squadron.

Drill tests will be requested on squadron website. Tests will be conducted 2nd, 3rd or 4th Monday at the squadron. 

Physical Fitness tests will be conducted 4th Monday at the squadron.


Promotion Review Board


Promotion Review Board will be requested on the squadron website.  Fill out, print and bring appropriate form to your review board.


Phase 1 Cadet Airman Basic – Cadet Staff Sergeant, CAPF 60-91

Phase 2 Cadet Technical Sergeant – Chief Master Sergeant, CAPF 60-92

Phase 3 Cadet Second Lieutenant – Cadet Captain, CAPF 60-93

Phase 4 Cadet Major – Cadet Colonel, CAPF 60-94







Section 7 Emergency Services Training


General Emergency Services Tests, CAPT 116, CAPT 117 part 1, 2, 3

Log into Eservices -

Left side Operations, under Applications, click “Online Learning”

Click “Learning Management System”

Scroll down to “Emergency Services”

Click on CAPT 116 (example)

Read/skim required reading.  Test open book, use CAP regulations to answer questions.

Click “start” when ready.

Introduction Communications User’s Training (ICUT)


Log into Eservices -

Left side, click on Menu – Online Learning – Learning Management System

Top of page. AXIS LMS Portal – Click Go To AXIS.

Click Start on ICUT Introduction Communications User’s Training

Follow instructions and complete OP1, T1 Lesson and OP2

Hands on training will conducted at the squadron. Notify staff.

FEMA Online Training


FEMA training is needed for emergency service qualifications.

Register for FEMA student ID number

Go to

Click, register for a FEMA SID and fill out information

Print and save SID information

Take FEMA online class

Go to

Right side, “TAKE THIS COUSRE”, click Interactive Web Based Course

Once finished, “TAKE FINAL EXAM”, click Take Final Exam Online

Print and save certificate.  Upload training in eservices.  See SQTR entry.

Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR) Entry


Log into Eservices

Left side Operations, under Applications, click “Operations Qualifications”

Left side under Emergency Services, click “Entry/View Worksheet”

Enter CAP ID

Click on Achievement scroll to Qualification. Example “GTM 3”

(Example) “Complete First Aid Training or Equivalent” 

Click on boxes.  Enter Date, Evaluator ID, Mission ID and Certificate Number

*Note:  There may not be a Mission ID or Certificate Number to enter. *

Click “Submit” at bottom of the page.


Section 8 Aerospace Education Programs


Cyberpatriot -

Model Rocketry -



CAPR 39-1 CAP Uniform Manual

CAPR 60-33 Drill and Ceremonies

CAPR 60-50 Active Cadet Fitness Guide

Cadet Squadron Guide





















(Sample Resume)


C/A1C John Doe

2020 Moab St, Columbus OH 43000

(999)-999-9999 Cell





Immediate Objective

I’m apply for element leader position.


(Grade in school and school name)

2020 (CAP leadership schools)

2019 (CAP leadership schools)

Work Experience

(Civilian job)

2020 (CAP leadership positions)

2019 (CAP leadership positions)

Awards, Honors and Extra-Curricular Activates


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