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Uniform List

Every cadet is required to have a uniform to participate and promote in Civil Air Patrol.  The following list includes the various parts of the uniform needed to complete both the ABU and blues uniforms for male and female cadets.  All item numbers and prices were taken from the official Civil Air Patrol uniform vendor, Vanguard.

The squadron will provide as many of the uniform parts as we have in stock. Other uniform items may also be purchased at surplus stores, military bases (with proper access), and various online retailers.



Uniform Item Item Number        
Blues Shirt - male CAP1001A        
Blues Pants - male CAP0993B        
Flight Cap - male CAP0994K        
Blue Belt - male 2500500        
Flight Cap Device CAP0748A        
Name Plate CAP0599M        
Blues Shirt - female CAP1017        
Blues Pants - female CAP3500A        
Flight Cap - female CAP1015J        
Flight Cap Device CAP0748A        
Name Plate CAP0599M        
ABU Blouse CAP0991F        
ABU Pants CAP0991O        
ABU Cap CAP0991M        
ABU Belt CAP2510700        
Tan T-Shirt CAP0991Z        
CAP Tape CAP6403        
Name Tape CAP6402        
Plain black dress shoes   Varies      
Black combat boots   Varies      
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